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This Release Renard-Curie-0.003  [Download] [Browse 11 Jul 2017
Latest Release Renard-Curie-0.004  [Download] [Browse 05 Jan 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Renard::Curie A document reader written with GTK+.     0.003
Renard::Curie::App A document viewing application     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::AccelMap Set up the accelerator map (global keybindings)     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::FileChooser Component that implements a file chooser dialog     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::LogWindow Component that collects log messages     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::MainWindow Main window of the application     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::MainWindow::Role::AccelMap Role for accelerators     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::MainWindow::Role::DragAndDrop Role for drag-and-drop     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::MainWindow::Role::ExceptionHandler A role for handling exceptions     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::MainWindow::Role::LogWindow Role for log window     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::MainWindow::Role::MenuBar Role for menu bar     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::MainWindow::Role::Outline Role for outline     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::MainWindow::Role::PageDrawingArea Role for the page drawing area     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::MenuBar Component that provides a menu bar for the application     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::Outline Component that provides a list of headings for navigating     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::PageDrawingArea Component that implements document page navigation     0.003
Renard::Curie::Component::Role::HasParentMainWindow Role that links a component to the parent main window     0.003
Renard::Curie::Container::App A Bread::Board container for the application     0.003
Renard::Curie::Log::Any::Adapter::LogWindow Log::Any adapter that directs messages to the log window component     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::View A base class for a view     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::View::Grid A view model for grid-based views     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::View::Grid::Subview A subview for a grid-layout     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::View::Role::ForDocument Role for view model based on a document     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::View::Role::Pageable Role for view models that are paged     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::View::Role::Renderable Role for rendering a view model     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::View::Role::SubviewPageable Role for view models that are paged     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::View::Role::Zoomable Role for view models that support zooming     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::ViewOptions A high-level set of options for generating a view     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::ViewOptions::Grid A set of options for grids     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::ViewOptions::Zoom An abstract class for a set of options for zooming     0.003
Renard::Curie::Model::ViewOptions::Zoom::Percentage A set of options for zooming by a fixed amount     0.003
Renard::Curie::ViewModel::ViewManager Manages the currently open views     0.003


curie: a document reader  

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