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Afnic and IIS Zonemaster Project > Zonemaster-LDNS-1.0.0


This Release Zonemaster-LDNS-1.0.0  [Download] [Browse 06 Oct 2017
Latest Release Zonemaster-LDNS-1.0.2  [Download] [Browse 12 Jan 2018
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License The (three-clause) BSD License
Special Files


Zonemaster::LDNS DNS-talking module based on the ldns C library     1.0.0
Zonemaster::LDNS::Packet objects representing DNS packets      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR common baseclass for all classes representing resource records.      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::A Type A record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::A6 Type A6 record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::AAAA Type AAAA record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::AFSDB Type AFSDB record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::APL Type APL record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::ATMA Type ATMA record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::CAA Type CAA record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::CDS Type CDS record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::CERT Type CERT record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::CNAME Type CNAME record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::DHCID Type DHCID record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::DLV Type DLV record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::DNAME Type DNAME record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::DNSKEY Type DNSKEY record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::DS Type DS record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::EID Type EID record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::EUI48 Type EUI48 record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::EUI64 Type EUI64 record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::GID Type GID record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::GPOS Type GPOS record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::HINFO Type HINFO record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::HIP Type HIP record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::IPSECKEY Type IPSECKEY record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::ISDN Type ISDN record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::KEY Type KEY record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::KX Type KX record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::L32 Type L32 record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::L64 Type L64 record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::LOC Type LOC record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::LP Type LP record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::MAILA Type MAILA record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::MAILB Type MAILB record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::MB Type MB record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::MD Type MD record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::MF Type MF record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::MG Type MG record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::MINFO Type MINFO record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::MR Type MR record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::MX Type MX record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NAPTR Type NAPTR record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NID Type NID record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NIMLOC Type NIMLOC record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NINFO Type NINFO record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NS Type NS record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NSAP Type NSAP record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NSEC Type NSEC record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NSEC3 Type NSEC3 record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NSEC3PARAM Type NSEC3PARAM record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NULL Type NULL record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::NXT Type NXT record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::PTR Type PTR record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::PX Type PX record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::RKEY Type RKEY record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::RP Type RP record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::RRSIG Type RRSIG record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::RT Type RT record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::SIG Type SIG record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::SINK Type SINK record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::SOA Type SOA record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::SPF Type SPF record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::SRV Type SRV record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::SSHFP Type SSHFP record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::TA Type TA record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::TALINK Type TALINK record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::TKEY Type TKEY record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::TLSA Type TLSA record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::TXT Type TXT record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::TYPE Type TYPE record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::UID Type UID record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::UINFO Type UINFO record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::UNSPEC Type UNSPEC record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::URI Type URI record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::WKS Type WKS record      
Zonemaster::LDNS::RR::X25 Type X25 record      

Other Files