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HH::Unispool::Config::Scope - UNISPOOL scope


 use strict;
 use HH::Unispool::Config;
 use HH::Unispool::Config::OS;
 use HH::Unispool::Config::Scope;
 use HH::Unispool::Config::DateFormat;
 use HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::System;
 # Create a config from scratch with a _Local_ scope
 my $conf = HH::Unispool::Config->new( {
     scope => HH::Unispool::Config::Scope->new ( {
         scope => [ qw( _Local_) ],
     } ),
 } );
 # Create the _Local_ system and add it to the configuration
 my $sysn = HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::System->new( {
     name => '_Local_',
     local_system_name => 'foo',
     network_name => '',
     os => HH::Unispool::Config::OS->new( {
         os => 'Solaris',
     } ),
     date_format => HH::Unispool::Config::DateFormat->new( {
         date_format => 'YY/MM/DD',
     } ),
 } );
 # Write the configuration




HH::Unispool::Config::Scope contains UNISPOOL scope information.


new( [ OPT_HASH_REF ] )

Creates a new HH::Unispool::Config::Scope object. OPT_HASH_REF is a hash reference used to pass initialization options. On error an exception Error::Simple is thrown.

Options for OPT_HASH_REF may include:


Passed to set_scope(). Must be an ARRAY reference. Defaults to [ '_Server_' , '_Script_' , '_Network_' , 'System=*' ].



Add additional values on the dump scope in the comment. ARRAY is the list value. The addition may not yield to multiple identical elements in the list. Hence, multiple occurrences of the same element cause the last occurrence to be inserted. On error an exception Error::Simple is thrown.

The values in ARRAY must match regular expression:

Delete elements from the dump scope in the comment. After deleting at least one element must remain. Returns the number of deleted elements. On error an exception Error::Simple is thrown.


Finds differences between two objects. In diff terms, the object is the from object and the specified TO parameter the to object. TO is a reference to an identical object class. Returns an empty string if no difference found and a difference descritpion string otherwise. On error an exception Error::Simple is thrown.


Returns the count of items in ARRAY that are in the dump scope in the comment.


Set the dump scope in the comment absolutely. ARRAY is the list value. Each element in the list is allowed to occur only once. Multiple occurrences of the same element yield in the last occurring element to be inserted and the rest to be ignored. Default value at initialization is '_Server_', '_Script_', '_Network_', 'System=*'. ARRAY must at least have one element. On error an exception Error::Simple is thrown.

The values in ARRAY must match regular expression:

Returns an ARRAY containing all values of the dump scope in the comment.


HH::Unispool::Config, HH::Unispool::Config::DateFormat, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::0, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::1, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::2, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::3, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::4, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::5, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::6, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::7, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Filter, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Numbered, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::RemoteSystem, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::RemoteSystem::3, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::RemoteSystem::6, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::RemoteSystem::7, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::RemoteSystem::8, HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::System, HH::Unispool::Config::ExecPri, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Cs, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Date, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Device, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Filter, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Group, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Head, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Misc, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::NetDesc, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::RSys, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Scope, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Tail, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Factory, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::0, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::1, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::2, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::3, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::4, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::5, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::6, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::7, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::Group, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::Info, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::P, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Network, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System::3, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System::6, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System::7, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System::8, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System::Info, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::X, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::Bcs, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::CSN, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::Cs, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::CsBcs, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::Filter, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::Host, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::Misc, HH::Unispool::Config::File::Tokenizer, HH::Unispool::Config::FilterType, HH::Unispool::Config::OS


None known (yet.)


First development: February 2003 Last update: September 2003


Vincenzo Zocca


Copyright 2003 by Vincenzo Zocca


This file is part of the HH::Unispool::Config module hierarchy for Perl by Vincenzo Zocca.

The HH::Unispool::Config module hierarchy is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

The HH::Unispool::Config module hierarchy is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with the HH::Unispool::Config module hierarchy; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA

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