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This Release App-ZofCMS-1.001006  [Download] [Browse 22 Mar 2015
Latest Release App-ZofCMS-1.001007  [Download] [Browse 04 Jan 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::ZofCMS web framework and templating system for small-medium sites.     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Config "core" part of ZofCMS - web-framework/templating system     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Output "core" part of ZofCMS - web-framework/templating system     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin documentation for ZofCMS plugin authors     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::AccessDenied ZofCMS plugin to restrict pages based on user access roles     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::AntiSpamMailTo "smart" HTML escapes to protect links from not-so-smart spam bots     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::AutoDump debugging plugin to quickly dump out query parameters and ZofCMS Template hashref     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::AutoEmptyQueryDelete automatically delete empty keys from query parameters     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::AutoIMGSize automatically get image sizes and generate appropriate <img> tags     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Barcode plugin to generate various bar codes     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Base base class for App::ZofCMS plugins     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::BasicLWP very basic "uri-to-content" style LWP plugin for ZofCMS.     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::BoolSettingsManager Plugin to let individual users manage boolean settings     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::BreadCrumbs add "breadcrumbs" navigation to your sites     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::CRUD Generic "Create Read Update Delete List" functionality     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::CSSMinifier plugin for minifying CSS files     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Comments drop-in visitor comments support.     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::ConditionalRedirect redirect users based on conditions     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::ConfigToTemplate plugin to dynamically stuff Main Config File keys into ZofCMS Template     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Cookies HTTP Cookie handling plugin for ZofCMS     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::CurrentPageURI ZofCMS plugin to automatically add current page URI into templates     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::DBI DBI access from ZofCMS templates     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::DBIPPT simple post-processor for results of DBI plugin queries     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::DataToExcel ZofCMS plugin to output data as an Excel file     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::DateSelector plugin to generate and "parse" <select>s for date/time input     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Debug::Dumper small debugging plugin that Data::Dumper::Dumper()s interesting portions into {t}     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Debug::Validator::HTML debugging plugin for auto validating HTML     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::DirTreeBrowse plugin to display browseable directory tree     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Doctypes include DOCTYPEs in your pages without remembering how to spell them     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::FeatureSuggestionBox ZofCMS plugin that provides a feature suggestion box for your site     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::FileList ZofCMS plugin to display lists of files     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::FileToTemplate read or do() files into ZofCMS Templates     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::FileTypeIcon present users with pretty icons depending on file type     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::FileUpload ZofCMS plugin to handle file uploads     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::FloodControl plugin for protecting forms and anything else from floods (abuse)     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::FormChecker plugin to check HTML form data.     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::FormFiller fill HTML form elements' values.     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::FormMailer plugin for e-mailing forms     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::FormToDatabase simple insertion of query into database     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::GetRemotePageTitle plugin to obtain page titles from remote URIs     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::GoogleCalculator simple plugin to interface with Google calculator     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::GooglePageRank Plugin to show Google Page Ranks     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::GoogleTime plugin to get times for different locations using Google     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::HTMLFactory::Entry plugin to wrap content in three divs used for styling boxes     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::HTMLFactory::PageToBodyId plugin to automatically create id="" attributes on <body> depending on the current page     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::HTMLMailer ZofCMS plugin for sending HTML email     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::InstalledModuleChecker utility plugin to check for installed modules on the server     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::JavaScriptMinifier plugin for minifying JavaScript files     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::LinkifyText plugin to convert links in plain text into proper HTML <a> elements     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::LinksToSpecs::CSS easily include links to properties in CSS2.1 specification     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::LinksToSpecs::HTML easily include links to elements in HTML 4.01 specification     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::NavMaker ZofCMS plugin for making navigation bars     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::PreferentialOrder Display HTML snippets in user-controllable, savable order     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::QueryToTemplate ZofCMS plugin to automagically make query parameters available in the template     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::QuickNote drop-in "quicknote" form to email messages from your site     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::RandomBashOrgQuote tiny plugin to fetch random quotes from     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::RandomPasswordGeneratorPurePerl easily generate random passwords with an option to use md5_hex from Digest::MD5 on them | Pure perl solution     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::SendFile plugin for flexible sending of files as well as files outside of web-accessible directory     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Session plugin for storing data across requests     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::SplitPriceSelect plugin for generating a <select> for "price range" out of arbitrary range of prices.     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::StartPage ZofCMS plugin that redirects the user to a page choosen by the user     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::StyleSwitcher CSS Style switcher plugin     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Sub plugin to execute a subroutine, i.e. sub with priority setting     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Syntax::Highlight::CSS provide syntax highlighted CSS code snippets on your site     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Syntax::Highlight::HTML provide HTML code snippets on your site     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::TOC Table of Contents building plugin for ZofCMS     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::TagCloud generate "tag clouds"     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Tagged ZofCMS plugin to fill templates with data from query, template variables and configuration using <TAGS>     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::UserLogin restrict access to pages based on user accounts     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::UserLogin::ChangePassword UserLogin plugin suppliment for changing user passwords     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::UserLogin::ForgotPassword addon plugin that adds functionality to let users reset passwords     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::ValidationLinks plugin for people with bad memory to include Valid HTML/Valid CSS links pointing to validators     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::YouTube CRUD-type plugin to manage YouTube videos     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Template "core" part of ZofCMS - web-framework/templating system     1.001006
App::ZofCMS::Test::Plugin test module for testing ZofCMS plugins     1.001006


zofcms_helper helper script for ZofCMS web-framework/templating system  

Other Files