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Module Version: 1.001006   Source   Latest Release: App-ZofCMS-1.001007


App::ZofCMS::Plugin::NavMaker - ZofCMS plugin for making navigation bars


In your Main Config File or ZofCMS Template:

    nav_maker => [
        qw/Foo Bar Baz/,
        [ qw(Home /home) ],
        [ qw(Music /music) ],
        [ qw(foo /foo-bar-baz), 'This is the title=""', 'this_is_id' ],
    plugins => [ qw/NavMaker/ ],

In your HTML::Template template:

    <tmpl_var name="nav_maker">

Produces this code:

    <ul id="nav">
            <li id="nav_foo"><a href="/foo" title="Visit Foo">Foo</a></li>
            <li id="nav_bar"><a href="/bar" title="Visit Bar">Bar</a></li>
            <li id="nav_baz"><a href="/baz" title="Visit Baz">Baz</a></li>
            <li id="nav_home"><a href="/home" title="Visit Home">Home</a></li>
            <li id="nav_music"><a href="/music" title="Visit Music">Music</a></li>
            <li id="this_is_id"><a href="/foo-bar-baz" title="This is the title=&quot;&quot;">foo</a></li>


The plugin doesn't do much but after writing HTML code for hundreds of navigation bars I was fed up... and released this tiny plugin.

This documentation assumes you've read App::ZofCMS, App::ZofCMS::Config and App::ZofCMS::Template



    plugins => [ qw/NavMaker/ ],

The obvious one is that you'd want to add NavMaker into the list of your plugins.


    nav_maker => [
        qw/Foo Bar Baz/,
        [ qw(Home /home) ],
        [ qw(Music /music) ],
        [ qw(foo /foo-bar-baz), 'This is the title=""', 'this_is_id' ],

    nav_maker => sub {
        my ( $template, $query, $config ) = @_;

        return [
            qw/Foo Bar Baz/,
            [ qw(Home /home) ],
            [ qw(Music /music) ],
            [ qw(foo /foo-bar-baz), 'This is the title=""', 'this_is_id' ],

Can be specified in either Main Config File first-level key or ZofCMS template first-level key. If specified in both, the one in ZofCMS Template will take precedence. Takes an arrayref or a subref as a value. If the value is a subref, it must return an arrayref, which will be processed the same way as if the returned arrayref would be assigned to nav_maker key instead of the subref (see description further). The @_ of the sub will contain the following: $template, $query and $config (in that order), where $template is the ZofCMS Template hashref, $query is the query parameters (param names are keys and values are their values) and $config is the App::ZofCMS::Config object.

The elements of the arrayref (whether directly assigned or returned from the subref) can either be strings or arrayrefs, element which is a string is the same as an arrayref with just that string as an element. Each of those arrayrefs can contain from one to four elements. They are interpreted as follows:

first element

    nav_maker => [ qw/Foo Bar Baz/ ],

    # same as

    nav_maker => [
        [ 'Foo' ],
        [ 'Bar' ],
        [ 'Baz' ],

Mandatory. Specifies the text to use for the link.

second element

    nav_maker => [
        [ Foo => '/foo' ],

Optional. Specifies the href="" attribute for the link. If not specified will be calculated from the first element (the text for the link) in the following way:

    $text =~ s/[\W_]/-/g;
    return lc "/$text";

third element

    nav_maker => [
        [ 'Foo', '/foo', 'Title text' ],

Optional. Specifies the title="" attribute for the link. If not specified the first element (the text for the link) will be used for the title with word Visit prepended.

fourth element

    nav_maker => [
        [ 'Foo', '/foo', 'Title text', 'id_of_the_li' ]

Optional. Specifies the id="" attribute for the <li> element of this navigation bar item. If not specified will be calculated from the first element (the text of the link) in the following way:

    $text =~ s/\W/_/g;
    return lc "nav_$text";



    <tmpl_var name="nav_maker">

Plugin sets nav_maker key in {t} ZofCMS template special key, to the generated HTML code, simply stick <tmpl_var name="nav_maker"> whereever you wish to have your navigation.


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You can use and distribute this module under the same terms as Perl itself. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution for complete details.

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