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This Release Net-OBEX-1.001001  [Download] [Browse 31 Jan 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Net::OBEX implementation of OBEX protocol     1.001001
Net::OBEX::FTP implementation of OBEX File Transfer Profile     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Headers construct and parse OBEX packet headers     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Headers::Base construct "4-byte sequence" OBEX headers.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Headers::Byte1 construct "1 byte sequence" OBEX headers.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Headers::Byte4 construct "4-byte sequence" OBEX headers.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Headers::ByteSeq construct "byte sequence" OBEX headers.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Headers::Unicode construct "null terminated Unicode text" OBEX headers.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Request create OBEX protocol request packets.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Request::Abort create OBEX protocol Abort request packets.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Request::Base base class for OBEX request packet modules.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Request::Connect create OBEX protocol Connect request packets.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Request::Disconnect create OBEX protocol Disconnect request packets.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Request::Get create OBEX protocol Get request packets.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Request::Put create OBEX protocol Put request packets.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Packet::Request::SetPath create OBEX protocol SetPath request packets.     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Response interpret OBEX protocol response packets     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Response::Connect interpret OBEX protocol Connect response packets     1.001001
Net::OBEX::Response::Generic interpret OBEX protocol generic response packets     1.001001
XML::OBEXFTP::FolderListing parse OBEX FTP x-obex/folder-listing XML     1.001001

Other Files